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Dance Move List


The following list contains many dance moves. Right now, the content is about hip hop and b-boying/ b-girling dance moves. It is possible that dance move names are crossing each other. That means a name can be related to for example two different dance moves. It can happen that these dance moves are looking very similar, but they follow the individual dance style. You can find a huge amount of dance tutorials on YouTube and other platforms.

Move Name Dance form / dance style / genre
180 Bronco B-Boying / B-Girling
2 Step B-Boying / B-Girling
2 Step B-Boying / B-Girling
3 Step B-Boying / B-Girling
4 Step B-Boying / B-Girling
7 Step B-Boying / B-Girling
Air Hocks B-Boying / B-Girling
Air Kickouts B-Boying / B-Girling
Airbaby B-Boying / B-Girling
Alf Hip Hop
Apache B-Boying / B-Girling
Arm Wave Hip Hop
A-Town Stomp Hip Hop
Aunt Viv Hip Hop
Baby Freeze B-Boying / B-Girling
Back Hooks B-Boying / B-Girling
Backbone Basic B-Boying / B-Girling
Backspin B-Boying / B-Girling
Bankhead Bounce Hip Hop
Barrels B-Boying / B-Girling
Bart Simpson Hip Hop
Bis Markie / Biz Markie Hip Hop
Bogle Dancehall
Bounce Hip Hop
Boyz 2 Men Hip Hop
Butt Hip Hop
Butterfly Hip Hop
Cabbage Patch Hip Hop
Cat Daddy Hip Hop
CC´s B-Boying / B-Girling
Chair Swipe B-Boying / B-Girling
Chest Hip Hop
Corkscrew B-Boying / B-Girling
Corkscrew Spin B-Boying / B-Girling
Criss Cross Hip Hop
Da Dip Hip Hop
Diamond Step B-Boying / B-Girling
Double Indian Step B-Boying / B-Girling
Dougie Hip Hop
Ed Lover Dance Hip Hop
Elbow (Assissted) B-Boying / B-Girling
Electric Slide Hip Hop
Fila Hip Hop
Flare B-Boying / B-Girling
Germans B-Boying / B-Girling
Glide Hip Hop
Gucci Hip Hop
Halo B-Boying / B-Girling
Happy Feet House, HipHop, JumpStyle, Shuffle
Harlem Shake Hip Hop
Headstand B-Boying / B-Girling
Hip Pull Hip Hop
Humpty Dance Hip Hop
Jockin Hip Hop
Jump On It Hip Hop
Kickout B-Boying / B-Girling
Kid n’ Play Hip Hop
Knee Drop-Side B-Boying / B-Girling
Knee Rock B-Boying / B-Girling
Lean and Rock Wit It Hip Hop
March Step Hip Hop
MC Hammer Hip Hop
Mike Tyson Hip Hop
Milli Vanilli Hip Hop
Milly Rock Hip Hop
Monastery Hip Hop
Moonwalk Hip Hop
Munchmills B-Boying / B-Girling
Nutcrackers B-Boying / B-Girling
One Legged B-Boying / B-Girling
Party Maschine Hip Hop
Patty Duke Hip Hop
Percolator Hip Hop
Pin Drop B-Boying / B-Girling
Prep Hip Hop
Pump Hip Hop
Raise the Roof Hip Hop
Reebok Hip Hop
Reject Hip Hop
Reverse Sweep B-Boying / B-Girling
Robo Cop Hip Hop
Roger Rabbit Hip Hop
Rollback B-Boying / B-Girling
Roosevelt Hip Hop
Running Man Hip Hop
Salsa Rock B-Boying / B-Girling
Shamrock Hip Hop
Shoulder Frezze B-Boying / B-Girling
Shuffles B-Boying / B-Girling
Sitting B-Boying / B-Girling
Smurf Hip Hop
Snake Hip Hop
Southside Hip Hop
Sponge Bob Hip Hop
Steve Martin Hip Hop
Sweep B-Boying / B-Girling
Swipes B-Boying / B-Girling
Tap Mills B-Boying / B-Girling
Toe Heel Step B-Boying / B-Girling
Tombstones B-Boying / B-Girling
Tone Wop Hip Hop
Typewriter Hip Hop
UpSwipe B-Boying / B-Girling
Walk It Out Hip Hop
Weep B-Boying / B-Girling
Windmill B-Boying / B-Girling
Wop Hip Hop
Wreckin Shop Hip Hop
Wu Tang Hip Hop
Zulu Spin B-Boying / B-Girling

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