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Welcome at the FAQ! Have fun browsing the content!

How I contact you?

You will find all further information on my Contact page!
The best way to contact me is via E-Mail:
It's a german address, but I will read English messages also!

Which content you will publish on this website?

Everything what's waking my interest. And If I have time to write a good and qualitative blog article. It is with time a thing always... because I have many ideas flying in my head. But that was me holding back never, if I was trying to work with quality.

Which CMS (Content Management System) is used on

After years working with Wordpress with a strict themeflow and dependency on a SQL database even for little features. My teeths was wounded, then I found Kirby CMS by surprise. And what sould I say? Kirby CMS is doing many features and basic stuff better then Wordpress, Ghost CMS or Grav CMS. That's why my website is running with Kirby CMS currently.

Which education and additional shooling/ learning was you doing?

Releatet information to that topic you will find on my About Me page.

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