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This site has the purpose, to tell a little about the cookie world. This site is not all around technical description about cookies. It should give you an introduction behind what cookies are on

At the bottom side, you can find a button to open the Cookie-Banner again!

Why is using cookies?

Personal Note

I don't just sit 10 minutes about the most content. Normally it takes hours of my free time. I don't want to produce run-of-the-mill-content like a lot of other sites do it already. Running a server or webspace and owning software also generates certain costs. I would like to cover at least a small part of this. This can be done, for example, through advertising money. That's why I will be happy if at least the cookies for advertising have been enabled and accepted by you! So that a few cents or euros can come together to cover the costs.

Best regards


Cookies, delivered as technology, a simple way to get more functionality into a website. The visitor uses this functionality for the own benefit. The solutions should improve the usability and accessibility for the visitor. That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it's the half-truth only.


If the site is showing third-party content (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, ...), cookies from these third-party providers are also loaded. Actually, the website visited has limited influence on these cookies only. Fort example, YouTube offers an option of embedding videos without cookies. Something like that is also existing for Google AdSense. Unfortunately, not all third-party cookies can be deactivated or the way cookies work can be adjusted in detail.

Decision requires and will use cookies. However, it makes no sense to make content with cookie accessible only. Therefore, the content can also be viewed without cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files. Stored in the visitor's web browser by websites. Cookies are not malware and have no other ability. But cookies can effect the browsing experience and the way the website visited is viewed by the visitor. Cookies can be set by the visited website or by third parties content. Cookies of a third parties domain are also known as third-party-cookies. Because the original origin doesn't come from the website visited, actually. For example: Additional cookies can be set, if embedded third-party content is loaded.

Further information can be found on Wikipedia about cookies or other websites, for example.

How can cookies be viewed?

Each web browser provides an option to view all cookies loaded. It is also possible via that view to delete all cookies that were loaded in the past. That will end in the result like the website will be shown at the first time visiting. The cookie banner will be shown as well of that website. The answer to accept or not accept cookies is needed to give again.

The most well known web browsers are listed at the following. Please use a search engine that you trust to find help pages for different browsers.

The links are directing you to the provider of the web browser software.

Where is detailed information about the cookies?

This information can be found in the privacy policy of this website. There is also an explanation for external cookies of the third-party provider.

Can I reselect cookies on

Yes, of course! The following block will be shown, if for example cookies for ads are deactivated. The button in the banner is to open the cookie banner of the website again. There, you can select the new cookie options that you like to use.

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